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This page has links to calculators, math games, and other resources to explore.

Here are a few calculators and some resources. Scroll down for games, then more.

Wolfram Alpha
Here's a good one to start with...
The goal of this site is to solve any problem you can give it. Explore and enjoy.
convert almost any measurement. This is great.
This site has online calculators, practice problems, and printable resources for practice:
With the Fraction Calculator you can add, subtract, multiply, or divide any fraction or mixed number.

The Percentage Calculator is cool too.

See the factors of any number with the Prime Factorization Calculator or the Factoring Calculator.

...and the site has worksheets (many that are printable).

All of those worksheets and calculators are free for everyone's use. It would be a big help to students in mastering math facts.
Go dads!
This page is full of useful calculators
This link goes right to solving fraction problems:

Here are some calculators I wrote for you:

Convert two points to a slope-intercept equation

Convert a point and a slope to a slope-intercept equation

Convert standard form to a slope-intercept equation

Solve a quadratic equation

Divide to get a mixed number

Click here for another problem solver

Here is another great problem solver that will even factor for you:
"intmath" stands for "interactive mathematics."
Click here and explore more of the site. You will find many interesting things.

Another Algebra calculator
Click here to solve for x

Click here for more calculators

Math-related games

Here is an A to Z list of some games with links and brief descriptions: click here

Magic Pen
My students love this game: click here

Armadillo Run
In this, you build things to get a ball into a target. It's worth the few seconds to download the demo: click here
click here for the games
click here for the home page (which is full of good resources)

click here for algebra games

Click here for more games

a few more math games

Here are some good online physics games

Keep solving puzzles to keep you mind sharp.

Now here are some good links that involve more exploration on your part.

Here is a great reference for math-related definitions and other info:

Click here for links to every math-related journal (in print and online).

You can create your own javascript math functions.
Here is a simple, working example: Math Function (Beta)
The above functions are also good examples.
You can use this template: Math Function Template
Right-click, choose "view source," copy this into your own Notepad document, and save it as an html file.
Notice that the inputs and outputs are done for you. Just add your function and edit accordingly.

More stuff:

Here's another good resource

You might find some good stuff here

Click here for a 3-D grapher

Here's another graphing program

Below, you will find syllibi and resources for the following subjects:

Here are the syllabi and outlines (in PDF form) for Algebra I and Algebra II.
I will have many more resources soon, but here are two for now:
For some practice, Prentice Hall ( and Glencoe ( have some good resources.

Click here for the syllabus and unit plan.
Many more links will be here soon.

Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry
Click here for the syllabus and unit plan.

Click here for the syllabus and unit plan.

Good stuff will be here soon.

Resources for high school, college, or grad school students will be here soon.

I will also include other math-related adventures
and resources that don't fit into any one particular class.

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